The Book of Malachi is darkly unmissable science fiction

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The Book of Malachi by T. C. Farren centres on a young man whose tongue has been cut out during a brutal civil war. It’s a tough, mind-bending morality tale

Humans 14 October 2020

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The Book of Malachi

T. C. Farren


THE main problem with this book is you aren’t going to want to read it. But it’s good and you should.

Malachi Dakwaa, the eponymous character in T. C. Farren’s novel, is a young man whose tongue was cut out in a brutal civil war. In the years since, he has eked out a half-life as a quality control manager at a chicken processing plant, ensuring the uniform compliance of shrink-wrapped body parts.

One day, he gets an offer for a job he didn’t apply for, with a payment he …

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