Corporate assessment Part 2

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Successful culture?

In the previous text, we have seen the reason that lies in the character traits of the people adopting an existential modality focused on “having”. Therefore, this time we’ll see the other side of the coin, described by Fromm as the existential modality of “being”.

Those people, which Fromm tend to emphisize as the most capable, can indeed be recognized as those which present the inner “need” to be active – where the very word does not mean being busy, but instead it has a more meaningful meaning, such as creating life, renewing itself, going out of itself, growing and at the very end sacrificing oneself for the others.

That character trait tend to develop and bring out all the talents each person potentially can manifest. For that reason, those kind of person in which those traits prevail, can achive much greater things than “ordinary” people which only know for selfishness, possession and egoism.

Tips and tricks

It is important to remember, that we are all humans, and therefore we should all listen to our inner voice.

For some softly tricks instead, lets find what we can learn from the video below:

In the next text, we will find how global players are positioning themselves in the work marketplace


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