Corporate assessment

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Corporate assessment

Part 1.

“To have or to Be?”

From time to time, we hear stories or read comments on how stressful the workplace can be and how often the only reason why people quit their jobs is because of the toxic environment they are in.

For this reason, I would like my readers to carefully read the next few paragraphs and, if possible, to catch the essence of the thoughts listed below.

Thus, understanding the problem most people are encountering today, will help us to learn how to contain it and manage it in the future.

With respect to one if his books, “To have or to be?”, Erich Fromm warns us about the clash between two general characterological aspects, the major problem that every individual encounters in his/her life.

The title of the book thus perfectly reflects the topic treated by Fromm, who focuses his attention on the analysis of people’s character traits:

  • on one hand, he emphasizes selfishness, understood as the existential modality of “having” and,

  • on the the other hand altruism, as an existential modality of “being”.

According to his theory, egoism characterizes people who base their existence on possession, which occurs on a daily basis; these manifestations are aimed at having, because “to give me pleasure is to possess”, where in the sphere of possession fall also friends, lovers, children, health, travel, works of art, God, your own ego and so on.

Essentially, people with a character line aiming at “having” tend to have relationships based on possession and ownership, greed and violence.

This type of character, widespread in today’s societies (you can freely read humanity), can only lead to bullysm, class wars or, eventually, wars between states. Societies based on this typology of individuals can hardly get out of their spiral of desires, which will continue to persist and will, therefore, end up defining relationships and alliances aimed against the weakest one’s.

Bullysm and toxic environment

As defined by the American Psychological Association, bullying is “a form of aggressive behavior in which somone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort. Bullying can take the form of physical contact, words or more subtle actions”.

To understand better this type of deviation and it’s consequences, it is important to analyze them in and empirically manner.

For that reason and in order to clear up the topic, take a moment and listen the video below.

“Systems grow terribly out of control, when people don’t stop them when they’re going mildy out of control”

Since every system (both a small company, a national and/or supranational institutions) consists of people, it is clear than to presume that those people becomes responsible on how the system will evolve.

That’s why, each of us should bring this to consciusness and act accordingly, in order to avoid greater threats in the future. The reason why most people today suffers due to terrible systems is simply because nobody dared to expose this kind of problem previously.

In the next chapter, we will continue to expose this issue and will try to offer some tips on how to behave whit bullies in the workplace.


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